Following my previous post on Single Page Application (SPA) tracking with Google Tag Manager (GTM), I also wanted to share the process for the Quora Ads pixel.

The Quora Pixel is relatively smarter and is able to identify the new route and page title for new pages loaded. All it requires is triggering the Quora pixel on every route change.

Quora SPA tracking with GTM

This method integrates with the Generic SPA Tracking method discussed on a separate post, please make sure you follow the instructions detailed there first.

If you’re using GTM, this can easily be done using the Custom Event for SPA.

Pageview Custom Event

On each of these events, trigger the Quora pixel, usually set using the Quora Pixel tag.

Assuming you already have the Quora Pixel installed via GTM, all you have to do either add the ‘pageview’ trigger to the tag alongside the ‘All Pages’ trigger (if the first page doesn’t use this trigger) or use only the ‘pageview’ trigger.

Quora Ads SPA tracking without GTM

In the case that you’re not using GTM (seriously, what’s wrong with you?), you can still implement the Quora Ads Pixel.

In this case, you need to ask your developers to fire the Quora Pixel on each route change (or equivalent History Change).

qp('track', 'ViewContent')

Similarly, the full Quora Pixel should be loaded once only on the initial page load, so that consecutive events are able to fire.

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